inboxesThere are a great many benefits to working from home as a Virtual Assistant. Personally, I realized in early 2001 that I was missing the best parts of my childrens life, all those milestones (like my daughter Madison's first step!). At the time, I was running several local dotcom's for a "mover & shaker" who got a lot of press for all the great work that I was doing. I realized that the advancements in technology and the Internet were prime for me taking the plunge into working from home.Perhaps, like me, you want to be able to stay home with your kids or to help a family member. Also, you may find a daily commute limiting due to health reasons or you live in a more rural area where job prospects aren't too terrific. Whatever the reason, the freedom of working from home - working for yourself is quite the siren song.

You get to set your own hours, choose who you work with and have mastery over you life and your goals.

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VirtuAllin owner, Cheryl Allin offers a wide array of services such as website design, graphic design and many more. 

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