twitter-logo-small1Today, Mashable had a stunning ''how to'' post on building your thought capital with Twitter. After soaking up the juicy knowledge shared in this post, I thought it might be nice to share how I think Virtual Assistants specifically can utilize Twitter more effectively to build their own thought capital.

Twitter has planted the magic beans and is growing in massive proportions and for any Virtual Assistant to truly utilize it to the fullest, it will be critical to build your reputation and increase your perceived value with a few simple suggestions. First, go read Mashable's post linked above and then come back.... Go ahead, I'll wait.

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So, Mashable talks about the paralels between Academic and Twitter citation or the RT - re-tweet. RT's are basically your path to opening a dialog between yourself and your followers and potential followers. They not only convey your interests but often your personality.


In my experience at Twitter, I see a great many Virtual Assistants who merely post to Twitter when they spot someone asking about hiring a VA. This could concievably affect ALL Virtual Assistants on Twitter since that prospect would then become inundated with offers. These Virtual Assistants seldom post anything unless it's self-promoting and they rarely speak to anyone unless it's another Virtual Assistant. They're doing it wrong.

A Virtual Assistant regardless of niche or specialty needs to consider that each and every Twitter user could concievably become;

A. A Client
B. A Fan
C. A Source of Referrals
D. A Resource

Thus, it is critical that the savvy Virtual Assistant build their thought capital by retweeting relevant, timely, introspective tweets. You can even find your own tweets of such high value that you become the retweeted expert - use tools such as Google Reader & Feedly to source links and blog posts that you find interesting and informative. Mind your Twitter ratio - the old adage of 90/10 - spend no more than 10% of your tweets on BSP's (Blatant Self Promotion) or you will lose followers and damage your thought capital. It follows that 90% of your tweets should be something of value to your followers, whether it's fun, a RT, a question or a request.

Share with us what methods you use to build your thought capital on Twitter in the comments - we want to hear from you!

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