headladyAs with any situation where you're handing out your hard earned dollars, prospective Virtual Assistant clients need to do their due-diligence before choosing their VA. Virtual Assistants are human, too! And like most humans, we come with our own set of baggage - personality, work style, schedules and family issues. When interviewing Virtual Assistants, be sure you've got the right chemisty going. Communication - again - is critical in ensuring you're making the right match. The biggest complaint I hear from prospects is that their other Virtual Assistant just disappeared - Poof! No call, no email and the client is left buried in work, often with no idea how to move forward. Be sure you and your Virtual Assistant cover all of the bases in your initial planning stages and make sure he/she has backup plans in order.Sometimes, you discover that your working styles just don't mesh. This can indeed happen from time to time. Differences in personalities do occur, and if that's ever the case you can certainly suggest to your Virtual Assistant that while you're confident in their abilities you''d feel more comfortable working with someone else. If necessary, your Virtual Assistant should be able to recommend another highly skilled and experienced Virtual Assistant and can even submit an RFP through one of the Virtual Assistant organizations should you feel it necessary.

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