messydeskOnce you find and retain a talented Virtual Assistant, they'll take over all of the mundane details that have bogged down your workday and prevented you from focusing on your core competency. They'll discuss your day to day operations, what projects are falling through the cracks and create a plan of action where you both decide what should be delegated, how long tasks should take, hours reserved each month on retainer, etc. They communicate with you via phone, fax and email and they utilize the best technology to ensure their support is seamless whether they're 10 miles or 1000 miles from your office.Each Virtual Assistant has cultivated their typical methods for this initial plan, and they've honed their skills and success for your benefit. Their success is fully dependent upon your success, so they'll be tenacious in communication, planning and follow-through.

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VirtuAllin owner, Cheryl Allin offers a wide array of services such as website design, graphic design and many more. 

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