1768b master1
1768b master1
Home Selling Seminar
Home Selling Seminar This is a postcard a client needed to advertise a home selling seminar to his farm. We sourced all the necessary graphics and created a unique and professional design he could use many times for added branding.
Washington Rain
Washington Rain This was our second concept for the ad - targeting northwest golfers who read Pacific NW Golf magazine and might consider purchasing a home in Arizona to escape the winter rainy season. Our client also loved this concept and plans to use it on future ads.
Rookie of the Year
Rookie of the Year This broker wanted to spotlight new agents that had signed up as well as encourage further recruiting efforts at his office - we cam up with the "Free Agent" concept and since they wanted everyone''s photo in the design, we carefully positioned them in a baseball diamond format to fit the theme.
Bus Bench
Bus Bench Jerry wanted a memorable design for his bus bench ad and was in desperate need as another designer poorly implemented his idea for lucky "sevens" - we came to the rescue and met the looming deadline. Jerry was thrilled.
2578 reviz2
2578 reviz2
Call to Action Elements
Call to Action Elements Several samples of call-to-action elements we''ve designed for various client websites.
Snow Birds
Snow Birds This client needed a half page ad in three days for a local golf magazine - he gave me his logo and mentioned he wanted some pictures of luxury homes and condo''s in arizona as he''s licensed both in Washington state and in Arizona. From that, we created this fantastic postcard that elicits the "fun in the sun" Arizona lifestyle with an adobe feel. Our client is thrilled - look for this ad next month in Pacific NW Golf Magazine!

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