VirtuAllin provides a wide array of photo retouching services, from fashion retouching to real estate, our expert designers can bring out exactly what you are looking for. Many professionals have made use of our photo retouching services with amazing results. Our range of photo editing services include:

  • Color and contrast correction to reduce the effect of harsh and uneven lighting
  • Add depth and dimension to the photo for a better visual appeal
  • Remove skin blemishes and fly-away hairs
  • Add makeup and enhancers to profile photos

All these and a whole host of other photo editing services make VirtuAllin your one-stop shop for photo retouching. We use the latest software and technology for photo retouching services. The VirtuAllin teams knowledge, coupled with our artistic sensibility, make your photos as amazing as you want them to be.

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social-conversationsAs a small business professional, it can be frustrating trying to decide where your time would be best spent. Time is money, as they say and while the latest gadget or innovation may make marketing easier, it can also make things more time consuming. Today, your current and potential clients often expect a 24/7 social media presence, and business professionals like you want to take advantage of every available opportunity to spread the word about your product or service.

While social media and networking on sites like Facebook and Twitter have opened a whole new world of marketing opportunities, these new innovations can often make you feel pressured to always be online and communicating. That isn't necessarily the most effective way to drive your business as it is so easy to lose sight of your long-term goals.

adobe photoshop-logoFor busy professionals, quality graphic design can mean the difference between looking ''fly by night'' and looking well established and credible. You need a designer that keeps on the cutting edge of technology and has the savvy and efficency to create results without breaking the bank. Cheryl is highly skilled in all manner of graphic design and can create the quality images you need; anything from designing logos to photo retouching.

wordpress-logo-stacked-rgbCheryl has been designing and maintaining cutting edge Wordpress websites for many years. She can customize any theme, build your Wordpress site from scratch, install & configure any plugin and offer expertise on getting your Wordpress site to the top of the search engines. Cheryl believes, thanks to Open Source options, there is a professional and affordable website design and web hosting solution for everyone.

joomla-logo-vert-color copyCheryl has been designing beautiful websites in the Joomla CMS platform since its inception in 2005 and years prior when it was known as Mambo. There's no Virtual Assistant that knows more about how Joomla works or is more skilled in creating dynamic Joomla websites. Whether you need a Joomla site built from the ground up or just need an expert to take over the maintenance of your Joomla website, Cheryl Allin is your one-stop resource for all things Joomla.

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VirtuAllin owner, Cheryl Allin offers a wide array of services such as website design, graphic design and many more. 

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